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UNSCEAR systematically collects information obtained through population-based surveys on the use of radiation in medicine and at workplaces. National Regularity Authorities are asked to submit data officially to the UNSCEAR secretariat.

These surveys are used to identify trends in radiation exposure and thus serve as an early warning sign of potential safety issues that might require special attention. They can also be used to identify gaps in treatment capabilities and possible unwarranted dose variations for the same radiological procedure.

UNSCEAR has established this online data collection platform to enable the direct download/upload of the survey questionnaires (country specific templates). National contact persons (NCP) are invited to register here to be able to access the protected area before they can make an official submission.

UNSCEAR produces detailed reports for the United Nations General Assembly which are highly regarded as authoritative reviews examining radiation exposure from natural sources and artificial sources.

All UNSCEAR publications are available free online and all contributors will be acknowledged in the relevant reports to the General Assembly.

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